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Patty's Hope Mission 


To provide practical help, hope, and healing for biological mothers of children in foster care.

We partner with local organizations and the Christian community to implement a holistic, individualized program with a focus on four areas: Safe Housing, Trauma Recovery, Life Skills, and Healthy Community.


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We praise Jesus for these stories of hope...

My Patty’s Hope a mom.

My experience with Patty’s Hope has been awesome. They are genuinely

trying to help us mothers that are struggling to get their children back.

They are different from the Foster Care Agency, or the DSS workers, they

are not here and helping because its their job, they have a genuine desire

to help, looking for anything they can do to help us… Its sincere, and they

are also genuine workers for God and Christ, they pray to see the best path

to go, they have the sight to see the signs that God and Jesus puts in front

of them. Its refreshing to see the earnestness that they have in their heart to

help, because so often this is an area of the system that people are their

most judgmental, and sometimes it can be hard to find help when we are

needing it, or even knowing what we need help with, or where to start.


Luckily, with the knowledge and experience that has been bestowed upon them through their own experiences, they have a pretty good idea of what we need and how to get there in order for us to get our kids back.  They have kept up with me, checking on me weekly when I got out of my inpatient treatment program. When things didn’t turn out as stable as I would have liked once I got out of treatment, they kept up with me, making sure I was ok and safe until they had a spot open in the Patty’s Hope house for me.

 They have worked with me on a level that is more in tune with my life and what is expected of me and how I can get there and achieve it, moreso than anyone else, navigating me through my own pitfalls and helping me to the other side, with Gods love as our savior and guide.


Patty’s Hope is truly a one of a kind organization, we are lucky to have them in our community, and there needs to be others out there like them. I hope they will inspire others in this unique position to follow in their footsteps and reach out to the mothers that are struggling.


Thank you guys for being there for us, and for caring- not shaming, us mothers that have lost our children along the way.



A mom… with a child in foster care

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Partnering with Patty's Hope has been life changing for my family.

Patty's Hope along with other organizations helped me to navigate some

very challenging times in my life. I found myself jobless, without custody of

my 3 children, and as a result a different person. With the help of numerous

factor's I regained a sense of confidence which allowed me to obtain

employment, reconnect with my children and even found new housing.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated support

received from so many involved.


Patty's Hope helped me with transportation to gain employment, temporary

housing until I found an alternative which equates to a real starting point to build upon and hopefully build upwards.


This is my testimony for other moms who feel as if they have lost everything, because of life's ups and downs that all things are possible. My faith in God has helped me to look at every situation with promise. For my fellow sisters and moms out there in a similar situation, things can and will get better. Connecting with the right people and organizations will be key I am thankful for my partnerships and Patty's Hope.

Be blessed.

A lot of love and caring

1.    What are some words that describe your childhood and growing up? Stressful;

      never knowing what I’m coming home from school to find.  Some days mom

      drunk and on others she was fine.  Panic attacks in first grade.  Fighting

      between parents, and between parents and my brothers.  Like watching a war.

2.   What was your life like when you first entered the Patty’s Hope program?

      Stressful; I was at a very low place in my life, depressed and hurting because

      of losing my daughter and my dog; I felt low down and useless and not very 

      good about myself.

            a.    Where were you living and what was that like?  Snow White Motel,

                   depressing, at least not on the streets.
            b.    What was the biggest challenge you were facing?   Money, trying to stretch it out and find housing.
            c.    What were your hopes for the present and the future? To find an organization that would fully help me to

                   get my life back together.

3.   What led you to make the first move toward the Patty’s Hope program?  When on the street I was trying to find

      organizations to help me, then finally I found the number for Patty’s Hope.

4.   What was the hardest part of being involved with the Patty’s Hope program? Transition from the chaos of being on

      the streets to the different life that I had to learn how to live.   It’s hard to ask for help.  Trusting people is hard.


5.   What things have you learned or gained from being in the Patty’s Hope program? I’ve learned a whole lot.  I’ve

      been around good Christian people. I’ve learned how to put things into words.  I’ve received life coaching—

      everything that you all offered helped me. I found out things about myself I didn’t know—how my childhood can

      affect me for my whole life.


6.   How have you changed in the last year? I feel more confident, more at ease in all areas.  I feel like I want to get out

      there and give back to the community to help others who have less than me.


7.   Now that you’ve gone through this program, what is your life like?  Not stressful, it’s nice.  I have things to look

      forward to.  My daughter is visiting more now.  I have people around who invite me to do things and go to church,

      and I help them out with things.


8.   What is your outlook for the future? I want to get into volunteering more to help others, possibly go around my

      neighborhood to offer services (dog walking, etc.) to make some extra money. I’m looking forward to spending

      more time with my daughter, being more there for her as a mother.  See where the Lord leads me.

9.   What do you think other people should know about Patty’s Hope? It’s a very, very good place for women who have

      troubles and children in the court system—very loving, very calming.  You give people chances.  There is a lot of

      love and caring.  You’re the real Christian people, not the fake ones.


Repeated cycles, violence and abuse…

When I was in the hospital after my car accident, I heard that my child was put into

foster care because his father was physically and mentally abusing him. The cycle

was repeating itself as his father grew up in foster care and was physically,

mentally, and sexually abused himself and never had people that wanted to

understand him, to offer him unconditional love and nurturing.


After the accident that left me bedridden and in a nursing home disguised as a

rehab center with no rehab in sight, I had no had nowhere to go, no helpful

supports, no money, no housing, and a lot of red tape. I was stressed out yet

determined but had no one to help me reach my goals. The people at Patty's

Hope gave support me so that I could move on to my next step; get a job, get

housing, and get stable. Once I got a job from my hospital sickbed, Patty's hope was able to help me get housing and the equipment I needed for my new position; professional clothes, a computer to work from, a home phone number, and an address at the Patty’s Hope house. They also gave me knowledge of places to go for resources and case management so that I will reach my goals. They spoke to the foster care worker and helped them understand that all I want is my child in a safe place and I am ready to work hard to be the person, and therefore the mother, my child needs me to be. Having someone to help me with the court systems, especially when I am not the accused, has been huge.


I want to thank Patty's hope for being there when nobody else could or would. The needs are real, and the impacts are life-altering for us mothers and our children. May God bless the people that work at Patty's hope so that they can bless others.

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