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Praise God for raising


for Patty's Hope during the

2021 Amazing Praise

Patty's Hope Mission 


To provide practical help, hope, and healing for biological mothers of children in foster care.

We partner with local organizations and the Christian community to implement a holistic, individualized program with a focus on four areas: Safe Housing, Trauma Recovery, Life Skills, and Healthy Community.


To honor your gift to Patty's Hope, we secured the support of 'Birdies for Charities' who will increase your donation by a further 10% if given through them.

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48-hour Giving Celebration
Noon 21st - Noon 23rd September

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We praise Jesus for this story of hope...

My Patty’s Hope a mom.

"I'm Mom" 

I ached for my baby, and I was willing to do whatever I needed to look into my babies eyes every day, to see her warm smile and run to me with arms open, yelling "MaMa!" And God could feel my desire, and sent me some of the best people to have on my side, and that was Patty's Hope. 

I remember the first time I had ever heard of Patty's Hope. I had been referred by the Foster Care Worker in a case for my newborn daughter. I was in a treatment program at the time, and one night I checked the voicemails on my phone, and heard what sounded like an Australian guy leaving a message to call him back, he was from the program. The day I met Pete I was surprised at how earnest he was to help, he really cared about my plight. He had firsthand experience from 'the other side' as far as dealing with the foster care workers and courts, but he had done something that most foster parents never do- helped the mother. I never imagined at that point how much they would come to help me in my life, or more truthfully- how God would work through them to better my life, so that I could get back on track and be the Mother I needed to be for my daughter. 

After I left the treatment program, they were communicating and reaching out to me right away. Pete brought me a recovery bible within the first week, and Leslie had got together some more personal items I would need. Within 2 weeks my living situation with the person I moved in with after I left the program didn’t work out. Thankfully, God had blessed me with qualifying for a program that would put me in a home and help with rent and bills, but because of Covid and some other circumstances, that was taking quite a long time, and in the meantime I was homeless. Back at square once again, I had nowhere to go and it would be quite a while until the housing program would finally go through. I never told Patties Hope, because I didn’t want them to worry about me, but I was even staying in an abandoned building. 

God had a plan for me though, and it worked through them. They called me up one day and said the Patties Hope house was available and I would be able to move in almost ASAP. That was such a huge relief for me, and it would turn out to be one of MANY things they have helped me with that had saved me. 

When I moved in, it was very apparent just how "rough around the edges" I was. Most people took for granted the small things, like showering and A.C. in the heat, or clean clothes and a refrigerator. Pete and Leslie worked with me patiently, and I gradually got myself into a more "normal" routine. They prayed with me often, and when there were things that I needed to work on, they helped me and treated me with respect, and never judged me. They never made me feel unworthy or unwelcome. They genuinely tried to understand the problems I had, and helped me to work to fix my problems, from a place of love from the heart. 

It took some time, but gradually I started to live like a normal person again. Pete and Leslie were there every step of the way, and I was able to communicate with them more openly than anyone else. Soon I got into a place of my own, and they stood right beside me then, too. I don’t think that I would have been nearly as successful as I was with them there to keep me accountable, to express concern when they saw something I should work on, and be there when I needed anything. They helped me with Christmas presents for my daughter, and furniture and other items I needed for they recommended a great Christian place for therapy that helped me to work on my issues from the past, they linked me up with a place to help me get a job. They were there for me at my court dates. They took me to the art museum, because they knew I love to draw, and taught me what it was to have community in my life, and people rooting for me to win, instead of expecting me to fail. 

After a year, I finally got custody of my beautiful daughter back. I can’t imagine being as successful as I was without the help that came from them holding me accountable and helping me to see what I needed! 

I really believe that God put them in my life for a purpose. He sent me the best team of people to have in my corner, helping when I drop the ball and cheering when I am winning. And helping to train me the whole way. I feel honored that I was lucky enough to come across Patty's Hope, and I hope that many other Moms get the gift of working with them in the future. 

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