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understanding foster care for

biological families

Having your child removed from your custody can be one of the hardest moments ever faced.  

Despite all the stress, fear, anxiety there can be a lot of confusion. Our hope is that this one-off class with help you understand the foster care system better and allow you to ask any questions you have. We are a third part voice that has no influence in your case and so there is no fear of asking the wrong question. 


Topics Covered

  • Basics of CPS and DSS

  • What is “The Best Interest of a Child?”

  • Who’s Who-The  jobs of everyone involved in the case

  • Court process, timelines, and Permanency

  • What are your rights as a parent?

  • What is your role?

    • Visitation

    • Communication

    • Parenting

    • Service Plan

2 Cor 1:11

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