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"HELP, my child is in Foster Care"

If you are on this page, then we want to share that you are not alone.
We hope to get to meet you, hear your story, and work together for the good of you and your children. 
Patty's Hope aims to help biological mothers whose children have been removed into Foster Care OR have been placed with friends of family and have an ongoing case with Child Protective Services.  

We have three ways for you to get involved:

1.  Become a full client in the Patty's Hope
program. (Information below)
2. Attend our monthly Moms' Care Group for biological mothers.
3. Participate in our monthly Therapeutic Activities.

(Click here for information on our monthly groups.)


If you are looking for a list of local resources in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding counties, click here.

Patty's Hope Full Client Program:
Key Components

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Patty’s Hope helps facilitate relationship building opportunities between our clients and members of the community.  We work with approved mentors and volunteers who are able to wrap around individual women to create a positive network of support.  We also seek to connect clients with the local church and other established support services.
Our trauma-informed program is one key to overcoming the root causes of a mom’s current situation and to move towards healing from the hurt and pain of the past. We partner with local organizations to provide evidenced-based, trauma-informed therapy for our clients as well as providing therapeutic activities that help with the healing process
Our women learn life skills through our in-house classes, one on one mentoring and in the homes of our host families. We also partner with programs for work force training. Patty’s Hope provides specialized foster care education to assist clients in navigating a complicated system and try to ease the burden of social services workers. 
Without safe housing it's hard to begin the work on the long-term recovery and stability needed for healthy parenting.  Patty’s Hope works with moms to secure stable, permanent housing by researching rental properties and programs, providing referrals, and helping complete applications for various affordable housing options.
Getting Started
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Requirements to receive full client Patty's Hope services are:

1.   A mother of a child who has been removed by the department of social services either into foster care or to a relative or friend through Child Protective Services (CPS).

2.  A case that still has the goal of return home.

3.  Need to be 18 and over.

4. Local to the greater Richmond, Virginia, area.

5. No income is necessary, but a willingness to engage in finding a job or participate in job skills training.

6.  Be willing to sign a Release of Information document so we can discuss your pending case with DSS.

7.  Be willing to engage in training classes and self-reflection.

8.  Be willing to engage in individual and/or group therapy from a recommended

therapy organization.

9.  Be willing to pursue a recovery program if actively battling substance abuse.

10.  Be open to a faith-based environment.

If you do not meet these requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us as we still may be able to help.

Your next step is to contact us, and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.

We hope to see you soon!

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