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If your child has been placed into foster care, if you're ready to make some big changes,
we'd love to talk with you to see where we can help
If you are looking for a list of local resources in Richmond VA click here for our most updated list.
Getting Started
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Requirements to receive Patty's Hope services are:

1.   A mother of a child who has been removed by the department of social services either into foster care or to a relative or friend through Child Protective Services (CPS).

2.  A case that still has the goal of return home.

3.  Need to be 18 and over.

4. Local to the greater Richmond, Virginia, area.

5. No income is necessary, but a willingness to engage in finding a job or participate in job skills training.

6.  Be willing to sign a Release of Information document so we can discuss your pending case with DSS.

7.  Be willing to engage in training classes and self-reflection.

8.  Be willing to engage in individual and/or group therapy from a recommended

therapy organization.

9.  Be willing to pursue a recovery program if actively battling substance abuse.

10.  Be open to a faith-based environment.

Even if you do not meet these requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us as we still may be able to help.

Next step is to contact us, and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

How to Contact Us

Online: Expression of Interest Form 

Call: 804-781-4657


Mail: P.O. Box 70276, Henrico, VA 23255