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Patty’s Hope has been given an opportunity to trial a thrift store! Hill City Church has offered us an affordable start-up space to do this. It is our hope that this thrift store could support our mission in a few different ways. We picture this being a safe place that can potentially offer employment to our moms, help them build new life skills and have an opportunity for community to form while sorting clothes or hanging out with other volunteers. It would be a wonderful blessing to provide employment so moms can have an income without the fear of being fired for upcoming court hearing or visits with their child. The thrift store would also be a funding stream for our housing program and raise awareness for foster care and caring for the biological families.

There is a lot that needs to happen to make this a reality, but we are excited and praying the Lord will provide!

If you can help in any of these ways we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Pete Gunning for further information. 



1.  Hiring: We need to hire a store manager that can start 

    ASAP to get this going. Please email or click for the job description.

2. Seed Money: We are praying for $20,000 in seed money

    to help us launch this store. If you want to donate seed

    money or know a business or an individual that might like

    to help, please let us know. Please contact to discuss donations and see the

    full business plan.   

3. Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer to help with set

    up or become a weekly volunteer in the thrift store, we

    would love to have your help! Please email and he will be in touch about

    training and sign-up lists.


4. Donations: if you have good condition furniture, clothing,

    books, toys, or other household items to donate please let

    us know (hopefully we will have a storage space at Hill City
    soon ready to accept donations.)

5. Promotions: Once we are open, we will need all the

    promotions we can get! Please follow us of Facebook,

    share with others, and to stay up to date. 


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