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For every woman whose child has been placed in foster care to have the opportunity to encounter God’s love, experience deep healing, and have a healthy relationship with their child.


On a trauma-filled night of darkness, Mary's 11-year-old daughter Sally was removed and taken into foster care. Every day Mary would try to get her life together but never seemed to know the way forward, and so was only going backward, and becoming the mother she wanted to be seemed impossible. One day Mary was introduced to the people at Patty’s Hope, and because of that she found hope and was also introduced to Jesus.  Mary is working hard, seeking to heal and progress forward. Now Mary feels confident that if Sally were to return home, she would make a great mom and be able to care for her with all the love and attention Sally might need.










A fictional, but hopeful vision story.

THE vision

Helping biological mothers of children in foster care
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