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Thank you for sharing your items

We really appreciate your donated items! They turn into funds that support Patty’s Hope moms! 

Hours to Donate

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

Donation Guidelines

Please only donate new or gently used items. We will not be able to use clothing with holes, stains, severe wear or heavy pilling. If items are broken, please do not bring them in. 

Here is a list of items we can accept and what we cannot accept. Please peruse this carefully before making donations. This will save us considerable time if we do not need to sift through unusable items. 


Please park in the big parking lot. Enter through the double glass doors under the U Turn Sports Academy sign. Once inside, veer to the right past the welcome/information desk. As you walk down the hall, you will see signs pointing you in the correct direction. On your right hand side you will see “Suite 2” above the door. You found us! Come on in to shop!

Items we accept:                                       

  • Clothing & shoes

  • Jewelry/purses


  • Pictures/art/mirrors


  • Linens/towels/curtains


  • Small electronics (clocks, radios, lamps, audio players


  • Holiday decorations  


  • Garden items                                                             

  • Clean (upholstered) furniture


  • Pots/pans/cookware/silverware


  • Small, working kitchen appliances


  • Dishes/silverware


  • Luggage


  • Books (for children & adults)


  • Children’s toys


  • Bikes


  • Tools


  • Working flat screen TV’s


  • Working desktop/laptop computers, monitors, printers & scanners

Items we cannot accept: 

  • Torn, dirty, mildewy items or ones covered with pet hair


  • Mattresses/Box Springs/Sofa beds


  • Items with M, X,R rating or explicit pictures


  • Large home entertainment centers/wardrobes/china hutches


  • Kid/adult potty’s


  • Medical supplies


  • Firearms of any type


  • Household chemicals


  • Recalled items


  • Magazines


  • Fragrances


  • Used pillows


  • Kerosene and gas heaters

  • Lawnmowers, gas-powered equipment       

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Stephanie at for further assistance.

Thank you once again!

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