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Pepper is a mother that came into our Patty's Hope program in 2022. It has been an absolute joy to walk alongside her and watch her embrace all that we offered. After much hard work and due diligence, her son Christopher was reunified with her. Just like so many of the moms that we work with, there are many housing hardships and barriers here in Richmond. We are excited, as is Pepper, to be our pilot mom for our Phase 3 housing initiative as we believe this will help her and Christopher to move towards long term housing stability.



1 - Do you have a house we could rent or use?

2 - Do you know someone with a property we could rent?

3 - Can you give financially? If so, please click here to give

     directly to the housing fund.

4 - PRAY. Please join us in praying for this pilot program.

For more information about the actual program, expectations for moms, rental agreements, to give/pledge a larger donation or a house we can use,

please contact Pete Gunning.

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